2017's Best Music So Far

SweetSexySavage by Kehlani
Kehlani is a newer artist who is already rising on the Apple Music charts with her new debut album. Through the reocrd, Kehlani reaches her happy place after being in a dark spot. And it certainly shows. The pop and R&B incorporated into the album gives it a feel-good vibe. In listening to this album myself, I felt empowered; I could take on the entire world and everyone who has done me wrong. I mean, it's even in the name! So if 2017 hasn't treated you the best, listen to this album to not only feel Kehlani's breakthrough, but to feel badass yourself. Listen to it here.

The Search For Everything; Wave One by John Mayer
Mayer has delivered a cool concept for his new album. Each month, he plans to release four more songs from the album in the form of an EP. So far, Wave One is the only release, but a strong one at that. Despite only knowing four songs at the moment, I can already tell how wonderful the whole album will be. Its mellow, acoustic-style vibe is worth the listen. It combines a healthy mix of rock, soul, and blues, making it perfect for relaxing. Listen to it here.

By Marisol Medina


  1. ahh yes i've been wanting new tunes

  2. sweetsexysavage is the album of the year and i dare somebody to tell me differently