A Light In the Darkness

I did an interview with one of the strongest women I know. Ashely Barrett is a woman of color in Trump’s new America. I let her shed a little light on the subject of the women’s march and what she marches for. 

"I've heard over and over that Saturday's march was an "anti-Donald Trump" march. For me, that is not and was never the case. No one I know expected marches on Washington, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and across the rest of the world, to result in his presidency being rescinded. We marched against everything he, and his unqualified, self-serving administration, stands for. We marched to remind them, and everyone who voted to put them in power, that we will not go silently into the night. We are watching their every move and we will resist at every opportunity. We will fight to protect women's right to choose. We will fight to protect access to healthcare for millions of Americans. We will fight for our indigenous peoples and for the immigrants who so richly enhance this country. We will fight for people of every gender and sexuality. My feminism is inclusive, and my feminism will not allow me to sit idly by while others suffer. My decision to march was influenced greatly by the startling realization that we rely solely on our constitution to protect our rights. The checks and balances that were supposed to protect every American citizen are nonexistent on the federal level at this point. In my eyes, the constitution and "we the people" are the only thing holding this democracy afloat. In his speech before the march, the wonderful John Lewis reminded us that while social media has enormous power today, it is not enough. He encouraged us to remember to "use our feet". It is my hope that the shocking state of our current affairs will spur each and every true American patriot to get out and protect what really makes America great.   

Ashley, the Girl Almighty herself, stands for women’s issues and equality above all. She even has Girl Almighty tattooed on her forearm. 

By Madison Sharp

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