Today is yours,
like a ball of clay
on a potter's wheel,
and you do not have anything less than that.
You do not have anything less than
the light of the Day
and the milky glow of the Night
in the palm of your hands.

Do not wait
on your front porch 
for somebody to bring you flowers
when you have an entire meadow out there
just for you.
Do not wait
until you are shattered
to ask for help
in picking up the pieces.

You are golden—
not like the Sun or the Stars
because I am sure you're tired of hearing that, 
but you are golden
like the fire that swallows entire forests,
like the peace in a child's laughter,
like the eyes of a soul
that loves themselves.

I'd like for you to let it all
drip into your veins.
Let it swim there.
Kiss wolves,
and tame the wild.
Play with fire
and do not be afraid
to burn your tongue
and feel the sting in your lungs
because how will you ever learn?

How will you ever learn
to fight for your heart,
just as you've fought for so many others,
if you cannot channel the light
you've borne for so long?

Photos by Natalie Ondrik and Text by Gwen Peralta


  1. I love these together. The poem is so incredibly powerful, and the pictures are beautiful.

  2. Atmospheric. I find it a little imperfect and storied, which I think separates this piece from others.

  3. this was described as "atmospheric" and i totally agree! a unique look to it, some photos really stood out to me