Joyce Hsieh: On The Rise

Nowadays, there's no doubt social media is extremely influential on a societal level. There are many ways this technology can be used to our advantage to achieve our larger goals. Big dreams start off small, one step at a time, and they grow and evolve into something far larger. Joyce Hsieh is an eighteen-year-old entrepreneur living in San Diego, California. She is currently a senior in high school and the CEO of a clothing and lifestyle company, Wild Daisy. Joyce has heavily promoted her store utilizing the power of social media and influencers, leading to the height of her company's success in her freshmen and sophomore years of high school. 

A day in the life of Joyce Hsieh is just like that of any other individual. She hits the snooze button once or twice before she is fully awake for school and eats lunch with her friends. Joyce's afternoons rotate between spending time with friends, attending yoga class, and working on her company. The young entrepreneur is just like any of us teenagers. The difference lies in the fact that Joyce turned what she found to be a hobby into a passion much bigger than herself. She turned weekends at home gluing studs and glitter onto phone cases into an independent clothing company that distributes worldwide. 

The Beginning
Lithium: You started Wild Daisy when you were only thirteen years old. In what ways do you think your mindset about the business had evolved since then?”
Joyce: When I was thirteen, I was just a kid with some phone cases, glitter, and glue. I created whatever I thought was cool, slapped a random price tag on it, and uploaded it to my Etsy shop. I’ve definitely learned a lot over the years in terms of business logistics. A whole lot goes into the entire “behind the scenes” process, like trend prediction, inventory stocking, networking, finding mentors, and stuff like that. I used to see Wild Daisy as just a side hobby, something I did for fun to make a little money, but it has grown into something bigger than I’d ever possibly imagine. There’s a certain responsibility and pressure that I have now in terms of managing it, knowing that I employ a few people and also have my own office/warehouse space to take care of. However, this business is my rock and my biggest creation.

At its highest daily sales point, Wild Daisy achieved over 19,000 purchases on Black Friday. The business has shipped to over 89 countries as well. The success is unimaginable, but with Joyce’s hard work, it all paid off.

Balancing School and Work
In high school, many of us already struggle with balancing workloads and doing what we want in our free time. Time management is certainly something teachers and parents like to talk about growing up, while a large portion of us is still trying to find balance on a daily basis. Over time, Joyce has figured out what to do.

Joyce: School first, then work. I’m not sure what the workload of college is like, but I know that you have a lot more free time. I think the main thing would have to just be managing my time wisely and not putting off schoolwork off and falling behind. I usually am pretty organized (I plan my day by the hour) so I’m not too worried about that. I feel like I missed out on a lot of high school experiences. I didn’t become involved with school activities until my junior year. During freshman and sophomore year, I was simply known as the girl with the business. I didn’t join any clubs, lunches were spent with my friends, and I never went to Friday night football games or took any leadership positions. I started getting more involved and genuinely connecting with teachers and people all over campus in my junior year. I joined clubs and started doing photography and videography for the high school which allowed me to attend a lot of different events. My grades also definitely suffered freshman year when the workload of high school and the success of the business all hit me at once, but I learned to manage eventually.

Social Media’s Hand
In a day and age when people often mock our generation for being glued to our phones, the power social media has over teenagers and young adults is certainly remarkable. People truly care about what others are doing and wearing, and this influence largely contributes to Wild Daisy’s success and plays a crucial role in branding.

Joyce: Wild Daisy’s growth can mostly be attributed to social media marketing, which is free and effective. Social media promoters, influencers, and models have definitely played a large role in getting the company exposure and establishing a positive brand image. I practically live on social media due to Wild Daisy and my YouTube channel, but as long as you realize that social media is just the “highlights” and everything on there is made to market, from clothing to products to people to lifestyles, it’s fine to be on it.

The Lifestyle 
Furthermore, Wild Daisy had evolved from just a store to something way larger. Laid-back, fashionable clothing paired with a free-spirited lifestyle, with the hand of social media, have pushed Wild Daisy to thrilling heights.

Joyce: Branding your company to be more something more than just clothing is the goal for most labels. I consider it to be a lifestyle, to embody something larger than just clothing, and I hope that the overall brand image, with everything from the website to graphics to social media to models to the products, exemplifies a laid-back, trendy, and carefree lifestyle.

Joyce: First one in, last one out. Read more. Make connections with people and help them when you can. Don’t take no for an answer. Figure your way around any obstacle because there is always another way. Spend more time with family and friends. Get things done. Stay soft and sweet and do not harden yourself to the world.

Asians on The Rise
As a person of color, Joyce Hsieh faces daily struggles due to the racism of the world we live in. 
Joyce: Definitely, but Asians are also on the rise. I think as the world becomes more educated and “woke”, social issues and racial issues are beginning to become more clearly addressed. The media undoubtedly plays a huge role in that. Personally, I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. I have received my fair share of discrimination and racist taunts from peers and even the school staff, but change is being made. Social media also plays a huge influence, both positively and negatively. Beauty standards are so clearly solidified around us, and it’s no lie that the majority of big social media influencers and models are white. It’s definitely difficult being Asian American in today’s society, but I am so proud of my background, my culture, and who I am.

Here are the things you need to know about Joyce Hsieh. At age 18, she’s already a CEO of a successful lifestyle company that she started at 13 years old and manages to keep her life intact and under control no matter what wildness is going on. Besides Wild Daisy, Joyce always manages to run her YouTube channel featuring her makeup and fashion explorations for people to see. She represents the ideas behind Wild Daisy, a laid-back, carefree, trendy friend that’s going to be there for you. She’s put together and she knows what she is doing. Joyce Hsieh is a rising star that is going to climb even higher, and I am truly inspired by her.

And that is Joyce Hsieh, on the rise.

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Check out Joyce’s store, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Interview by Joyce Hsieh

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