My Teenage Boredom Dilemma

All this vexation could kill a girl!
Ever since my sixteenth birthday, I've been daydreaming of bleaching my hair, getting a snake tattoo, and joining a riot grrrl garage band. Unfortunately, these unrequited dream sequences manifested themselves into the greatest possible disquiet against my parents (and the patriarchy). As a result of forcing my mother to allow me to attend online schooling, the isolation of my bedroom has only allowed my adolescent angst and mental issues to grow stronger. In order to cope with my troubled social life, I did what any other atypical teenage girl would do: I've spent my days participating in Tumblr discourse, conquering video game bosses, and stressing over the fact that absolutely nobody will hire me, not even the newly built Dunkin' Donuts down the road. Cycling through these activities on an hourly basis has started to fill my brain with the most insatiable boredom; one that can never be drained. At last, it could be drained. It could be drained very easily, actually. The problem is, my anxiety is crippling, and my comfort with how monotonous my pubescent years have actually been is scary. As a result of this problem, my annoyingly rebellious teenage skeleton has been transcended to the worst kind of limbo. Or maybe, the only kind of limbo. The one where I'm stuck between two decisions that I really, truly, do not want to choose between, but have to. A dilemma consisting of me choosing between the most boring and lonely teenage years that any normal sixteen-year-old would frown upon, but keep me relatively anxiety-free, or forcing my incredibly nervous self to get a job and conform as a law-abiding citizen. As the social issues in America are never justified, and my mental illnesses never seem to cease; all the while my rage continues to swell, like the bruise on my thigh from bumping it against the television stand every time I ragingly quit another futile video game. I'm completely wrong about all of this, though; about all this boredom and angst never ending. This episode of Angry Girl Problems will all end in a few years when I'm well past eighteen and in debt from living in a scummy college dorm room eating microwavable vegan ramen every night of the week. Oh well.

By Mia DeCastro


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  2. I love this. It's really well written and such a cool concept

    1. wowee this means so much! it's been something i've been struggling with to explain, i'm so glad you think it's cool my friend - mia

  3. I like this! Especially the visual.