My Top 5 Favorite Highlighters

2016 was THE year of the highlight, and there were a lot of amazing ones.

Tarte Highlighter in Exposed. $28
This highlighter is GORGEOUS! It's the most beautiful, everyday highlighter color. On the skin, this highlight is very glowy and natural. I like to use this on my nose and chin, in places where I don’t want a beaming highlight. The formula of this is very buttery but works so beautifully.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone $38
This is one of the first high-end highlighters I bought, and it was the only one I used for a long time. This highlight is BEAMING. The formula is perfect and incredibly smooth. There are no chunks of glitter in this one, unlike a lot of highlighters. This is definitely one of the best highlighters out there. All the shades in Becca’s Shimmer Skin Perfector line are gorgeous.

Kat Von D Alchemist Highlight Palette. $32
This palette is a recent release, but it is EVERYTHING to me. The colors look unwearable, but they are gorgeous. This highlighter palette can also be used on the eyes and looks beautiful on top of a lip color.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Sweets. $40
This palette was mentioned in one of my favorites a few months back, and it is still a must-have. My favorite thing about this palette is that I can take out the pans and pick the ones I want to travel with, and I can put the pans in a magnetic palette. These highlighters are all beautiful and buttery. The color butterscotch, is VERY glittery though. It is full of chunky glitter but would look great on tan or dark skin tones.

Laura Geller Gelato Swirl Highlighter in Charming Pink. $26
This one is also a recent purchase. It’s a gorgeous pink color, which is perfect for lighter skin tones like my own. A lot of pink highlighters can be too light and almost seen as blush toppers, but that is not the case with this one. The highlighter is very pigmented.
DISCLAIMER: THIS HIGHLIGHT IS VERY GLITTERY. I know a lot of people aren’t fans of glittery highlights, but I LOVE them.

By Bridget Fitzpatrick

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