Television and Friendships Go Hand-in-Hand

What I’ve found difficult is how people move on so quickly. When it comes to breaking away from someone, or even starting a new TV show after just finishing one, I just can’t seem to let go of something that quickly. 
Through the years, I’ve realized friendships can be a lot of work, just like watching television shows; you can’t always just give up. Sometimes the shows will get on your nerves, especially if a character acts a certain way, or something you didn’t want to happen ends up occurring. You may not be able to control your friends or the TV shows, but you can control how you react to certain situations. Instead of screaming, crying, or emailing the producer regarding your frustration, try to calm your emotions and think through what just happened.
  1. Don’t jump to conclusions. What your friend or favourite character said might not have come out the way they wanted it to, or you could be interpreting it strangely. 
  2. Don’t get too attached. Friends and TV shows come and go, and you probably won’t be watching the same show for the rest of your life. If someone is really bothering you, then cut them out. 
  3. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Sticking with the same TV show for months gets pretty boring, and you shouldn’t feel tied down to anything or anyone. You are allowed more than one friend, so feel free to meet new people and make other connections.
Finding people who genuinely care about you and your well-being can be difficult, but I’ve realized second chances don’t always hurt.  Maybe the first time you tried watching a show, you weren’t the biggest fan. However, over time your personality might have changed, and perhaps The Great British Bake Off eventually does becomes your favourite show after giving it a second try. 

Discovering what brightens my mood honestly made me a happier person, inside and out. Whether it was slowly transitioning from RuPaul’s Drag Race to The Hills, letting go of toxic people, or giving old friends a second chance, I’ve started to find what gives me happiness, which makes binge-watching and friendships a whole lot easier. 

By Izzie Ramos-Foley

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