The Art of Drag

Drag is an art form. Many drag queens have been gaining fame in the media, mostly due to the popular reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race. This show has allowed so many queens to receive the recognition they deserve. Being able to do drag is a talent in itself. Moreover, most every queen has a talent other than transforming themselves. Whether they have amazing makeup skills, lip-syncing abilities, beautiful vocals, or great dancing abilities, they are all full of talent. Drag queens frequently go on tour, make YouTube videos, and put out chart-topping albums. There are also so many amazing queens who aren’t “RuGirls”. Queens from all over the world use social media to get their work out to the world. Asides from these performers, there are also bio queens. Bio queens are girls who do drag makeup. A lot of people don’t support bio queens due to the common belief that drag is solely designed for impersonating women. However, it is crucial to note that drag can be defined as the exaggeration of one's normal features as a means of becoming a different person. 

In addition, people believe that drag is only for cis men. There have been arguments that trans men also shouldn’t be allowed to do drag. Drag is for everyone, no matter your gender. Many users on Twitter have put in their two cents on this topic. A lot of these users, primarily mainly drag lovers, are either totally for bio queens and trans queens or absolutely hate it. The fact that many people invalidate trans men who want to do drag is awful. Telling a trans man he can’t do drag is practically invalidating his gender, due to the fact that traditionally cis men do drag. Bio queens and trans queens are both talented and severely underappreciated. WheRuPaul was asked on Twitter about bio queens being on the show, he responded, “That show already exists. It’s called Miss Universe.” This mentality, especially coming from one of the most influential and famous drag queens, is not right. Everyone should be allowed to express themselves and be involved in the art of drag.   

Text by Bridget Fitzpatrick and Visuals by Tazia Cira and Faith Sumastre

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  1. Such an insightful piece, with lovely visuals to go with it!