5 Artists You've Never Heard Of

Nicole Dollanganger

Nicole Dollanganger has never been one to hold back on her music. From the dark lyrics and guitar-drenched songs of Natural Born Losers to the acoustic and passionate lyrics of Ode To Dawn Wiener, this artist provides a holistic experience. Her music tells stories; each song speaks on heartbreak, sadness, and falling in love, all with twisted, gory, and sometimes disturbing motives.With recurring themes such as religion, death, and violence set to heavy droning guitar and haunting melodies, Nicole knows her aesthetics and sticks to them. Overall, this artist creates an eerily beautiful world that you really have to hear to understand. Her Bandcamp can be found here.

Recommended tracks: "Please Just Stay Dead", "Mean", "Coma Baby".


Joji is already an extremely well-known internet celebrity, but not for his music. He is the creator of the infectiously viral Filthy Frank Show, an internet series created to poke fun at anti-PC, offensively humored people on the internet. Behind all of his chaotic characters, Joji keeps his personal identity fairly private, except for his music. The electronic “trip-hop” music Joji creates is true mood music, with every song provoking its own specific array of emotions that suck you in and keep you hooked. Despite his more famous music, Joji’s work is melancholy, peaceful, and at times, almost ambient. With a possible full-length EP supposedly coming out later in the year, Joji is definitely an artist to keep your eye on. His Soundcloud can be found here.

Recommended tracks: "Medicine", "Lov U", "Plastic Taste", "BESIDJU"

Lowell, is an indie, electro-pop artist whose music is sugar coated in unique effects, upbeat melodies, and narrative lyrics. Lowell's album, We Loved Her Dearly, brings listeners on an adventure through sentimental synth ballads and energetic feel-good anthems. Her lyrics explore political ideas and her life, from the tracks "LGBT" and "Cloud 69", which touch on her experiences as a bisexual woman, to the powerful "I Killed Sarah V", a song about her life as a stripper. Lowell isn’t afraid to speak her mind, and her catchy pop tunes are bound to get stuck in yours. Lowells is truly one of a kind, and a fantastic addition to a feminist's music library. Her music videos can be found here.

Recommended tracks: "I Killed Sarah V", "The Bells", "Time I Lower Me Down", "Cloud 69"


CupcakKe is a 19-year-old rapper whose career took off when the messy shock factor of her work went viral. She’s made a wide array of other hit, sex-driven songs, all with titles too explicit for a PG teen magazine. But behind these meme-able masterpieces is where CupcakKe's true talent really shines. The artist raps about her struggles, from having formerly lived in a homeless shelter to telling her story about a pedophile from when she was 15. Though it can be easy to dismiss CupCakKe due to her viral songs, she is an extremely hard-working and talented young rapper with an incredible story. Her Youtube channel can be found here.

Recommended tracks: "Homework", "Picking Cotton", "LGBT"

Teen Suicide

Teen Suicide is a lo-fi rock band that has been publishing their music on Bandcamp for years. Their music is a unique blend of classic, grungy garage elements fused with modern synths and effects. Their songs are all significantly different, with experimental tracks such as "The Hurricane", polished tunes like "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", pop songs such as "VIP", and even songs with jazz/blues influences like "Living Proof". Teen Suicide always brings something new to the table. With five remarkable albums, you can never run out of this band’s material, and each is bound to provide its own individual experience. Teen Suicide’s Bandcamp can be found here.

By Nicole Rayner


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