Capturing Sunsets

I have an addiction to sunsets. I can recall each one I have seen since March of 2016. I associate memories with them, a series of blissful moments. I try to capture the sunsets with my camera, but most of the time I cannot get photos that do them justice.

I am not the only person I know who takes something beautiful and relates it to a significant time. I have friends who connect sentiments with every breathtaking rainbow they have seen, every short walk they have taken, every interesting cloud formation they have discovered, or each blooming flower they have encountered. We all try to encapsulate the emotions we feel during these seconds with a photograph, only to fail. The thing about photographs is that they only show part of your surroundings. They do not reflect the true experience. You can only ever relive the sensations in your mind; even then, the brain tends to store things away and you forget. Breathe in the air from that moment and seize it; you never know when it will be gone. Take a minute to pause and let it be alive.

Sunset at my grandparents’ summer home on a beach in Pentwater, Michigan.

Sunset in my local Walmart parking lot on a night that I was feeling really sad.

Sunset on Horn Island on a camping trip with my friends.

Sunset on the Biloxi beach on a calm night with a dear friend.

Sunset in my neighborhood. This is the night my Polaroid camera broke as I was trying to take a photo of this beauty.

Sunset on the night of the homecoming football game.

Sunset reflected over the water in Pentwater, Michigan.

By Dharma Gilley


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  2. this perspective is really interesting

  3. i really love this omg... and i agree ^^^