Current Events: Galentine's Day, Travel Ban, and Beyonce

Happy Galentine’s Day! Let’s dive into the news.

A federal panel put a temporary restraining order on the President’s travel ban from seven majority Muslim countries. What does this mean for us? It means that there's a small halt on the ban that so many of us have been fighting against. The only way that the ban can be reinstated (if it's not rewritten with different language) is if the Supreme Court reviews it and says that it is constitutional. But Trump has an in here, too. He just recently named his pick for the vacant Supreme Court seat left after Justice Scalia died last year. This means that, if his pick, Neil Gorsuch, is appointed to the seat, the Supreme Court will have a 5-4 Republican majority. For now, Trump is ready for the court battles ahead.

Last night, Adele won Album of the Year for her newly released album 25. A lot of people have been outraged by this, saying that the person who deserved to win this award was Beyoncé for her visual album Lemonade. The impact that Lemonade had on the black community and the world, in general, is far greater than any splash 25 did. Both albums are fantastic, but the presentation of Lemonade (a literal movie on HBO with Lemonade as its soundtrack) was a groundbreaking experience that shook the world for weeks. The lemon emoji means something now. Some people theorize that giving the award to Adele was an exhibit of racism, things we saw at the 2015 and 2016 Oscar's, but all that can be said is Adele wanted Beyoncé to win.

Text by Ndemazea Fonkem
Photo by Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images

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