Current Events: Not My President's Day, New Cabinet Pick, and Barcelona Protests

Image of Spanish protesters in Barcelona courtesy of AFP Photo/Josep Lago.

Here are today’s highlights.

Happy President’s Day! Well, not everyone thinks so. Thousands of people are gathering today, February 20, to once again protest President Donald Trump’s administration all over the United States, from Los Angeles to Atlanta to New York City. This march is being nicknamed Not My President’s Day. CNN reported earlier today, “[An organizer of these protests named Olga] Lexell said the rallies were an attempt to ‘keep the momentum’ between the widely attended Women's March last month and the upcoming Tax Day March on April 15.” Basically, we are not going to stop until we receive what we are asking for, no matter the number of rallies it takes.

After the Michael T. Flynn saga of last week, President Trump announced his new nomination for the cabinet position of National Security Advisor: Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster. This afternoon, the LA Times reported that “McMaster, a career Army officer and strategist, is known as one of the military's most prominent intellectuals.” It is not hard to see why. With a high school education at a military academy and a PhD in American History, McMaster does seem to have an excellent intellectual background. He has also received 11 military decorations, including a purple heart. But as far as integrity goes? Well, we did not quite expect Flynn to resign out of suspected corrupt relations, so, we encourage you to research H.R. McMaster.

In international news, protests broke out in Barcelona, Spain this past Saturday. What for? Spain’s conservative government has denied entry to 15,900 Syrian refugees--out of the 17,000 Spain pledged to take in. Protestors are requesting entry for these thousands of refugees its government promised to let in. ABC News reported on Saturday that “Barcelona police said 160,000 people took part in the march, while organizers said it reached 300,000 participants.” Regardless, at least 160,000 Spanish citizens came together to protest closed borders.

RECAP: Americans and Spanish citizens protest on different continents for a similar cause; that is, acceptance. Meanwhile, President Trump has announced his new National Security Advisor nominee, whom we hope will not reveal corruption as his predecessor likely did.

By Danielle Leard

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