Head Over Heels for Small Business

In today’s society, it goes without saying that big business has a monopoly on the economy and on consumer interest. Big box stores such as Walmart, Target and Forever 21 draw hoards of customers daily and make millions of dollars on a yearly basis. This profit is great for these businesses and for our capitalistic economy, of course, but can be detrimental for the customer, as these large companies often mark up prices, disregard customer concerns, and provide less than stellar customer service. Recently, to combat these issues and to improve my experience as a customer, I have been shopping primarily at small businesses, particularly Twitter-based brands. I encourage everyone to participate in events such as Small Business Saturday and to consider purchasing products from small businesses. These are a few of my favorites!

Tarabusi Creek (@tarabusicreek)
With quality and packaging to rival the likes of Lush and Bath & Body Works, Tarabusi Creek is easily one of my favorite small brands. She specializes in bath products such as beautiful soaps, sweetly scented bubble bars, and glittery lotions and her products never disappoint! Make sure to check for restock updates, as her products sell out quickly.
Suds & Company (@sudscompany)
This shop also specializes in soaps, as well as bath bombs, lip scrubs, and bath soaks. Her soaps are beautifully scented, and have gorgeous designs; her lip scrubs smell wonderful and have the perfect texture, and her bath soaks make every bath feel more magical. Her products are also reasonably priced and she often has sales and discount codes!

Sun Kissed Beauty (@sunkissedbs) 
I have loved this small business since they first began, and the new products never fail to amaze me. She specializes in chokers, lip scrubs, and brush cleaners. The products are top quality, the packaging is adorable, and the customer service is the best I’ve experienced. In addition, her prices are extremely affordable!

Dripping Cxolor (@DrippingCxolor)
This shop is my go-to small business for cosmetics, especially glitter! Her pressed and loose glitters are to die for, her highlighters offer an unbelievable glow, and her shadows have an amount of pigmentation that could be placed among high-end brands. Her cosmetics are truly fantastic and I find myself purchasing from her often. She also donates 10% of her profits to the Navajo Water Project.

By RyLee Weatherby

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