Lithium's Self-Love Poetry Roundup

Oh You, Yes You
By Danielle Leard

She--oh she, yes she--is beauty
Open up her eyes yet she never wants to be
She only hears a string in this symphony
A pathetic note for a pathetic plea
She--oh she, yes she--is beauty

He--oh he, yes he--is beauty
Weaving threaded colors in a tapestry
Shaping a reveling sight that is his artistry
Though his woven cloth won’t let him free
He--oh he, yes he--is beauty

They--oh they, yes they--are beauty
Planting flowers in a box with a thrown-away key
You have to care to call each butterfly and bee
Once they sprout there’s a new esprit
They--oh they, yes they--are beauty

Love Thyself

By Lilianna Grotewohl
Dance, sing, speak
The things I could do if only I
Loved myself.
A glance in the mirror sends
A shiver down my spine.
That is me. 
She isn’t who I’m used to seeing.
Mirror, mirror
Do you lie?
Does my reflection reflect the
Real me or the one in my head?
The self-hating, angry girl
Incapable of seeing her worth
Or the girl that my friends tell me I am.
The kind, beautiful girl. The likeable girl.
Why am I seeing you now?
Why do you appear so rarely?
Where do you go, why does
The girl in my head replace
Is that... me?
The real me?
It’s funny that you are appearing more.
I don’t love myself.
But maybe
Just maybe
I’m learning how.

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