Made Up

Patrick: What's something your obsessed with?
Bianka: Anyone who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with makeup [and] the freedom to express all of the elements that make me, me. I can show that I can be bold, mysterious, elegant, and simple. Even though some people see it as a way to impress others, I see it as a way to express my best aspects, both inside and out.  P.S. To all the ladies and gentlemen that wear makeup: If you wear full coverage foundation because it makes you feel more confident, then CAKE IT ON. If you're fine just wearing lip balm, then HYDRATE THEM. The fact that makeup makes you feel good about yourself is reason enough to cut the ignorance with that wing, blind jealousy with that highlight, and kiss the nerves goodbye. Do not obsess over the negativity; let it be obsessed with you.

By Patrick Thompson
Modeled by Bianka Carpio


  1. "don't obsess over negativity, let it obsess over you" incredible
    these photos are beautiful and the editing really takes it further + i'm so glad you added that excerpt at the end

  2. i really really like the first photo + very powerful piece overall