Reminiscent Daydreams

for instance: sunshine
resembling the gleam of your skin
when your blinds leaked light onto your back
and the sight changed the base of my knowledge of art.

e.g. wind,
revive the memory of your voice
like the time you mumbled mindless compliments
half-asleep, i held you close but you drifted far into slumber.

such as mint gum,
plant a familiar taste of you on my tongue
from the night we kissed shortly after preparing our buds
by downing altoids, and i relished in it despite the superficial flavor

[love, it changes:
my mindset—
last time i checked, it could be described as
  1. night vision glasses in the middle of a cloudy day, dim
  2. roses forgotten days later on a dry table, shriveled
  3. the aftermath of a tragic hurricane, hopeless
now, i find it amid
  1. a golden era of an early glamorous greek civilization, prosperous
  2. the exquisite formation of a vivid rainbow, radiant
  3. diverse gardens blooming in may, lively
and an afterthought lingers:
—is this delirious dependency?
the zeal,
the rebellion,
the daydream ambiance
in which i drown myself
in rosy thoughts
and affectionate flashbacks
equal hallucinations?
a gentle tint of love
distorts my vision
perhaps i should work toward adaptation.]

Text by Danielle Chelosky
Photo from