Obsession can dig its claws into you as you dig yours into your substance of choice. However, it isn't always a burden that consumes you; sometimes, obsession can help you cope with things that you feel are out of your control. 

I obsess over knowing myself. Physically, I'll memorize the tone of the peach fuzz on my arms and every new freckle on my skin. In a spiritual sense, I try to figure out what makes me calm and where my gut feeling lays. Mentally, I'll repeat conversation after conversation in my head just asking myself questions so that I can KNOW who I am and KNOW what makes me, me.

We each are dealt a body and a mind, and we have some control over both of them while we steer our diets in given directions, steer our thoughts towards being more positive, and ultimately guide ourselves towards what makes us happiest. Each of us possesses a mind that's utterly unique. The more you turn inward and dive into yourself, the more treasure you'll find.

Taking personality tests, Myers Briggs and Enneagram assessments, reading horoscopes and natal charts, finding out what makes us, us, checking all these little boxes, adding adjective after adjective to an ever growing list titled 'what makes me' all form the person I am.
For me, putting things in boxes and obsessing over who I am is what makes me grow happier. It helps me get to know me. The more I know myself, the more I know how to make myself happy.

By JanieWhateva