Skam: A Review

*Caution: there may be a spoiler or two!

Skam (meaning shame in English), is a Norwegian television show based in Oslo focusing on the realistic and complicated aspects that accompany adolescence.

This television series has easily become one of my favorite series of all time. From the complicated aspects of friendship to those of romance, I find myself relating to the show. After all, I am in fact a 16-year-old girl that is currently experiencing the curveball of what being a teen entails.

Season 1 focuses on the complicated life of Eva Mohn. After facing resistance from a former best friend, Eva finds herself alone without anyone aside from her boyfriend Jonas and his best friend Isak. That all changes when she attends a climatic party. There, Eva meets Noora Sætre for the first time. Noora, a stylish, strong, and wise feminist, joins Eva on a Russ* bus. It is here that the girls form their squad. There's Vilde Lien, the very preppy and excited member of the group. Then comes Sana Bakkoush, a very cool, religious hijabi who does not tend to sugar coat things but is still very protective of the ones she loves. Lastly, Chris Berg is the funny one of the group. 

Season 2 focuses on the life of Noora Sætre, who shares an apartment with her two roommates, Eskild and Linn. Noora and her girl squad, consisting of Sana, Chris, Eva, and Vilde, are as close as ever and are always there for Noora. When she finally develops an interest for one of the coolest guys in the school, Noora must deal with her new feelings and the consequences of falling in love. While having the support of her best friends and good friend Eskild, she is determined to stay true to herself and her beliefs.

Season 3 focuses on Isak Valtersen, the best friend of Jonas Vasquez. Isak is insecure about his sexuality and tries to deny that he is gay. He fears that his friends will outcast him if they find out, so he continues to hide his true self until he meets a very sweet and handsome boy. At the same time, Isak is having a hard time dealing his family. Being romantically involved with his boyfriend becomes so important to Isak that he is able to come out and finally embrace his sexuality. He learns how love and friends can really change a person.

*Russ is a yearly tradition in Norway for teens in high school that is combined in the parts of a road trip, a rave, and a high school graduation.

By Jada Moore
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