7 Music Videos That Emit Artistic Vibes

Many of us are guilty of never watching the music videos of our favorite songs, mainly because we never really give it much thought.

One day, I casually stumbled across a video that accompanied my song-of-the-week. After that experience, I never looked back. In this list, I present seven music videos that I think deserve recognition for how visually pleasing and downright creative they are.

Filled with slow motion, cool tone palettes, and Anderson .paak's unbelievable flow, Kaytranada produces something so special that you will find it hard to get tired of.

II. "I Feel It Coming" by The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk

Contrasting dark grays and black shades with the soft pink and violet gradients, “I Feel It Coming” gives off a very nostalgic feel in the prettiest way. The accompanying low, rhythmic beat also adds to the overall soft mood. The Weeknd and Daft Punk created something too special to miss.

No one can forget about the classic "Sober" music video. Donald Glover sets the scene with a lovely set of an old diner along with some odd yet fitting dancing. The girl’s reactions are everything and Glover’s acting shines in this retro visual.

M.I.A’s videos are always filled with a bold message and this time its political. With the current climate of constant debates toward immigration, M.I.A released this video with a strong, earth-toned palette and powerful shots that reveal how she feels about borders.

“Voices” is a prime example of the rare occurrence in which the music video captures the exact essence of a song. I’m not talking about literal lyrics here-- no, we are talking about the overall mood of the music. Disclosure’s beat swirled with Sasha's incredible vocals contribute to a true masterpiece.  

San Cisco is the kind of music group that seems to always have fun with their videos. Elements of the band are scattered throughout this video. The group's stylish drummer, Scarlett, rocks a wardrobe complementary to the band's vibe. Filled with colors and happy faces all around, "SloMo" will definitely put a smile on your face.

VII. "Formation"  by Beyonce

Here is the truth: I just watched “Formation” yet again and there are no possible words to describe the experience. Let's just say this: Beyonce did it again. She did that.

By Daisy Acosta