Conversations Over a Cut Landline

his beady eyes track me down from across the motel parking lot,
making a perfect triangle between
me, you, and the car that stands as the only means of escape.
the motel is humid, dumpy
it is clear a young lady from suburban Georgia does not belong in these neck of the woods
he knows that.
on me like moths to a flame,
but more viciously
an aggressive beast in the early hours of dusk
(this is where I see the primitive side of men; the man attacks, while I am still deciding to fight or flight)
I can choose to keep walking, disregard his uncivil pursuits
but I was Orpheus in the fire pits of Hades' fortress
this only provoked him more
licking his lips, he was on me

Mom, can you hear me?
Mom, I don't know where I am and
and it's so cold
I can't feel my legs, I don't know what's between them anymore
I'm bruised, I'm bleeding
No, I don't know where I am
it's all
and we're moving
The stars don't shine here, it is all rough and concrete slums
I can't find our northern light to find home
no, there is no Batman sign projected in the sky to assure me I will be located soon
Mom, the night is endless
If I am not in this realm anymore, you know who took me out of it
I can only hope you can find my empty shell that once held my spirit and energy
I'm by the grasses,
I spoke to the night owls through the screams that startled them
but they were not too upset, I would only feed them later on
my fingers are holding onto the grass like a tiny blade of green can support my 119-pound body
I'm in a shallow area. I just want it to be morning
Mom, I wish I was a kid again
because Mom, look at who I am now?
who have I become?
my face swollen, chopped into bits, the literal, physical definition of scatter brained
and I'm sorry you had to read about it in next week's paper
you couldn't catch me in time- tag I'm it
but the line was cut short,
phone connection dropped
and now I'm gone.

Text by Brooks Sullivan and Visual by Sabrina Fattal


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