Lithium's Monthly Inspiration

Everything that inspired me and other Lithium contributors in March!


One of my personal favorite vocal artists released not one but TWO new singles this month. Aside from the music, the color scheme of her album cover and her look in the music video for “Green Light” really provided my style inspiration this month.

Chance the Rapper
“He decided to donate 1 million dollars to Chicago public schools. It really inspires me to see someone using their platform as an artist to support education.” -Adele Sakey (Lithium Photographer)

Savannah Brown
After reading Lithium's interview with Savannah last month, I instantly took to YouTube to watch (and rewatch!) many of her videos. What an amazing woman! If last month's interview didn’t prompt you to check her out, do so now!


NASA (@nasa)
I’m not sure why I wasn’t following them before, but this month I followed NASA’s Instagram account and all I have the say is WOW! Looking at the intergalactic pictures that they post brings me a sense of awe that is completely humbling. The educational captions that accompany the pictures have inspired me to learn more this month, and delve into all the knowledge that exists about space.

Birds&Bees (@birds.bees)
@killerandasweetthang's sexual health account posts meaningful pictures accompanied by short and sweet captions. This page has basically inspired me to get in touch with my body the entire month.

PHOTOGRAPHS/PHOTOGRAPHERS (All inspiration and text by Julia Fletcher)

A 19-year-old film photographer in NYC at SVA, his photographs focus on young queer masculinity. The tones in Ryker's photographs are beautiful, and he's able to create stunning, intimate portraits of the LGBT+ community.


Photo Credits: @rykerallan on Instagram

This 16-year-old New Zealand photographer captures adolescence through dream-like imagery, particularly in pink and purple portraits of young girls. Everything looks like it was taken through a toy camera.


Photo Credits: @galena.marie on Instagram

With this Toronto photographer, everything is a neon dream. Her photographs are so saturated and vibrant; they look unreal! Her use of neon lights creates beautiful portraits and stills of night life.


Photo Credits: @hallietut on Instagram

By Kate Hunker and Julia Fletcher