Oklahoma Rep. Faught: Pregnancy by Rape and Incest Is “Beauty From the Ashes”

       Self-proclaimed “trusted, devoted family man” and Oklahoma Representative George Faught negated the issue of pregnancy by rape and incest at his Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act proposal on March 21st, 2017. The anti-abortion act seeks to financially penalize doctors who perform abortions when the fetus is expected to be born with a genetic abnormality, with fines to exponentially increase with every procedure. 
Altercated by fellow Oklahoma Representative Cory Williams, Faught was presented with the question: “Is rape the will of God?” to which he responded with nonchalance. Faught argued that the Bible includes “a couple of circumstances” of rape, and that “God uses all circumstances.” Williams reiterates his question again, asking Faught whether or not rape and incest are “actually the will of God.” 
To this point, Faught defends God’s “sovereignty” in one’s life, claiming that William’s question opposes that sovereignty to which he cannot agree. Faught merely references rape and incest as an event that “may not be the best thing that ever happened,” but stands by his religious views which imply that God wills for everything that happens in a person’s life to happen- as it’s just “reality”.  Faught does sympathize by addressing these events as unfortunate, but he also refers to pregnancy by rape and incest as God bringing “beauty out of ashes… time and time again.” 
Faught disregarded the importance of Williams’ questions in his proposal, saying the topics of rape and incest didn’t have anything to do with the bill. However, Williams’ mentioning of incest holds some relevance because in-bred children hold higher risks of developing the recessive abnormal genes held in the alleles between family members. The bill has passed the House and is in the Senate on its second reading. You can find Faught’s statements on Youtube and The Washington Post.

By Angelica Crisostomo

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