Rather Be Surprised: The London and Syrian Attacks

On March 22nd, London was hit with a disaster. A terrorist drove a car toward the House of Parliament, killing 5 and injuring 40. The car crashed into the House; the suspect, in his plot to attack the Parliament, stabbed and killed a police officer trying to stop him from entering. The suspect was then shot by other police officers and has been taken to the hospital. While many understand the reasoning behind attacking the Parliament, many believe that there was no way to prepare for it. Most terror attacks involve bombs, guns and a lot of planning, allowing time for the Secret Service to prevent any incidents. However, this attack did not involve anything but a car and a knife, making it unprecedented. Londoners are finding relief through avoiding public places and reaching out to government resources in order to know whether their loved ones are safe. 

In contrast to this array of support for London, a school in Syria was attacked by a U.S.-led coalition aimed at fighting the Islamic State. Thirty unthreatening civilians, taking shelter in the school, were killed by an airstrike. This incident is the second of its kind in Syria, with 45 civilians killed last week. Many say that this violence could be a result of President Trump wanting to loosen regulations on civilian protection in the Islamic State. Although these attacks are gruesome, there is not much support for Syrians in social media. Here we can see a great discrepancy in media attention.

While what happened in London was terrible and surprising, we must also realize that in Syria, in a war zone - this brutality is expected; everyday life revolves around surviving rather than living.recognize both sides of the struggle. We must support the struggle of people all over the world - no matter in what state.

By Dvita Kapadia

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