College Corner: LIM College (Featuring Madison Barr)

“LIM College combines strong academic programs centered around business principles to provide our students a unique skill set that complements their passion for fashion. Our graduates are equipped with real-world experience at top industry firms so they're ready to succeed in the more lucrative side of the fashion industry.”

I learned a lot from my interview with Maddy (Madison Barr). Just like anybody else, she is trying to find her way in the world; in fact, she was brave enough to take a pit stop and document her life in a blog. Personally, I found her action to be brave-- it takes a lot of guts to remove oneself from the supposed expectations of life's course (high school, college, job, marriage, children, etc.). 

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to talk to Maddy about her college experience. I’m more than excited to see what the future holds for her!

What do you think is the best part of studying at LIM?
I love the untraditional environment of the school. [B]eing in the middle of the city, there is no traditional campus. You have three buildings around the city [in which] classes are held. In between those buildings are a million and one things to see do and look at! I don't [think] I could ever go to a traditional campus.

Let's talk about NYC. What's the best and worst part of the city?
I could get all emotional talking about NYC and what it's done for me, but I'll try my best to keep it pretty standard. The best part about New York City to me is the history-- to even think that I'm walking along the same sidewalk that complete legends like Patti Smith or Allen Ginsberg have walked blows my mind! There are a lot of times when I have one of those "what am I doing here" moments, but that always pulls me in to stay. The worst part, I'd have to say, is the gentrification of it all. It breaks my heart a bit that places like CBGBs [have] now been turned into clothing stores.

Studying fashion in New York city is a great opportunity, what with Fashion Week and a lot of major brands and magazines having their offices here. What kind of advantages do you think LIM offers?
I mean, I'm living in the heart of it all. I have every opportunity at my fingertips; the only thing standing in my way is the effort I put in.

Was the whole process of getting into LIM pain-free?
It was! It was a very quick and [spontaneous] decision.

How is the social scene at LIM? Was it easy to adjust and make friends?
I adjusted really well. I wouldn't say it's a very intimidating environment, but I did, for the most part, make all of my friends outside of school. The people are great to work with inside the classroom and everyone is so welcoming, so I feel like that makes it a really easy transition into the college life. 

What do you want to say to the upcoming students that may be applying to LIM?

MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THAT YOU WANT THIS! The school is very focused on the fashion industry so there really isn't much flexibility with changing your major. 

By Wen Hsiao