Lithium Live: The Mowgli’s

On the warm spring evening of April 28th, hundreds of fans sat on the wavering concrete sidewalk of the Royale underneath the blossoming branches of ethereal magnolia trees, waiting for the “Lovely, Little, Lonely” tour. There was no better way to end this blissful evening than with a concert. Doors were unlocked and everyone anxiously gathered in the intimate concert venue, ready for the show to start. The Mowgli’s last came to Boston during their headlining “Where’d Your Weekend Go” tour this past fall, and came back to the delight of their pre-existing fanbase. The band took center stage opening with “Bad Dreams” from their album Kids in Love. Hands were sent into the air, waving sporadically to the beat of the beachy vibes. It was hard not to smile while shouting out the lyrics to each song radiating with upbeat affirmations.

One of the highlights of this contagiously carefree’s band set was when Colin Dieden and Katie Earl assisted one concertgoer by executing a promposal for him, reading a note aloud for the crowd-- and his date --to hear. The fans erupted in cheers at the cheesy yet adorable engagement. The energy of the crowd only soared higher after the promposal during the following song, “Say It, Just Say It.” The poppy song perfectly encased the love that must have been felt between the high school couple.

The waves of positivity that flowed throughout the evening stopped for a moment when Katie Earl reminded listeners of the tumultuousness of reality. Despite the dismal mood of her speech’s opening, it crescendoed with an inspirational commentary on self-love. Katie described that “a little bit more love and compassion goes a long way . . . love will radiate around us.” She finished her chat by reminding the audience that despite what is happening in the world, if we say two little words, we can always make it out okay. She then made the crowd yell out, “I’m good,” leading into the compassionate song of the same title. It is a mantra to be sung each day, especially on those in which you need a pick-me-up.

Following this electrifying “love revolution,” the band finished with “San Francisco,” launching fans into a swinging motion as the contagious melody flowed and everyone danced. The Mowgli’s are a constant reminder of the positives in life. Like their previous concerts, they did not fail to bring happiness to the audience, if only for an hour. Be sure to check out their upcoming tour dates here. If you haven’t heard of The Mowgli’s, have a listen to their Spotify and bask in some sunny tunes.

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By Sam Schraub

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