Lithium's Monthly Inspiration

Lithium contributors were inspired by music and culture this month.


“Paramore's new song, "Hard Times," inspired me this month, but I think the band inspired me the most. I've been a big fan of Paramore [for awhile], especially when I was in my emo phase. I've seen the band grow from punk to alternative. I read an article on how the guitarist in Paramore (and other members) wanted to quit the band many times. He talked about how it was so difficult for him to carry on with the drama and quarrels, but he stayed and now they have another album on the way. For the last 13 years, they've gone through many adversities as a band, and they still don't know where they're headed, but they continue to make music they love. I'm inspired with how they move past the fights and tears, prioritizing their music and, most importantly, their passion.”
- Faith Sumastre

Real Estate
“Even though the band's new album. In Mind, was released in March, I’ve really only gotten into it this month. The smooth vocals and dreamy sounds that populate every song on the album have become the soundtrack to my last few months of school. From doing homework in my room to driving around with my friends, this album inspires me to stay calm, be happy, and patiently wait for summer vacation.”
- Kate Hunker

“The new Gorillaz album, Humanz, was also a huge inspo. If you saw my self-portrait in this month's issue, the multi-colored sunglasses were based off of Noodle on the album cover, and their upbeat songs were on replay while I was drawing my piece.”
- Daisy Acosta

Sundara Karma
“I attended a concert where I was able to see a really amazing British indie band, Sundara Karma, perform live. They were spectacular and had an amazing stage presence. I met each member, and I was even able to talk about politics and the global issues currently taking place. That really inspired me because what they're doing as performers is so amazing, touring the world while still keeping track of events and being humble.  They continue to make me reminisce about the great time I had!”
- Jada Moore

PHOTOGRAPHERS ( Inspiration and text by Julia Fletcher)

Bao is an artist working in NYC. Her portraits definitely give off Petra Collins vibes-- they're so dreamy and have a soft glow to them.


Photo Credits: @baohngo on Instagram

Maya is a Cambridge, UK-based photographer shooting with 35mm film. Her portraits of friends, double exposures, and landscapes offer a deep sense of nostalgia.


Photo Credits: @mayabeano on Instagram

Abbey is a photographer and filmmaker who explores and celebrates female identities through her work. In her new short film, she captures 18 video portraits of different women in ways that they feel comfortable.

image1 (1).JPG

Photo Credits: @abbetsacksart on Instagram


The Infinity Mirrors Exhibit
“This month, experiencing new art inspired me. Art and music really have continued to amaze and inspire me. I had the opportunity to attend Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrors exhibit, and I was really taken aback by how enchanting it was to [experience] the pure enchantment of spectacular-ness of being in a room full of mirrors. The experience takes you away for a moment!”
- Jada Moore

“When I was stuck in a state of boredom a few weeks ago, I spontaneously bought tickets for a ballet production at an arts center in my city. I hadn’t been to the ballet for a few years, and I was instantly taken aback by [the grace] of the dancers and how the beautiful their costumes are. I left the theater feeling inspired to maintain the poise of the ballerinas, and also, to dance around in my room that night.”
-Kate Hunker

Comfort Food
“My inspiration this month was the comfort food my mom brought me: conchas (a sweet bread pastry) and Jumex mango juice. They're both popular in the Latino community and eating them really made me think about how much I love my culture.”  

- Daisy Acosta

By Kate Hunker

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