Sarah's Editor Letter: May 2017


Lithium Magazine is undefinable.

That's why our theme this month is What Defines You? And for the team here, Lithium is a big part of that 'you.' Thinking about this, what Lithium meant to me, and what Lithium was itself, led to a messy stream of thoughts that I have only begun to untangle. It's a bit of an oxymoron, but Lithium cannot be contained to a singular definition. We all have a different interpretation of it. To me, it's an online scrapbook of sorts. In the short time that I've been general editor, the team has taught me how a space like Lithium is so much more than a magazine. I asked them to define Lithium from their perspective:




These were only a few of the many responses I received. Whether it parallels the reader’s perception or not, we view Lithium from the inside out. We have our own take on it. And in this month’s edition, we’re doing the same with our own beings. I present What Defines You?, a collection of writing, artwork, and photography, in which the young creatives behind Lithium define themselves. There are no labels. Only you, me, and Lithium.

By Sarah Kearns