Since September

it was then that i saw you were gone
that i let you slip through my fingers like sand
and that same sand collected at the bottom of the hour glass
i became mesmerized
when would the glass be filled with the gritty substance so i could flip you over
and we could go back to square one
like the strangers we are
the sand keeps dripping until you come again
because i can pretend that i know you
and that our souls are somehow synced up
but when it's all said and done
and i lie alone on a Friday night
wondering why you haven't materialized in front of my eyes
i know there will be no more visits by my ruin
my ruin
the one who can do no wrong in my eyes
but will leave me with bumps and bruises and aches
my ruin
who left one day and never came back
whose presence was not felt 
until now
i haven't felt you calling
since September
something is reaching out to me
calling you to my attention
you need me

or you want to believe you do

Poem by Brooks Sullivan
Photos by Sabrina Fattal

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