The Embodiment of a Nobody

The psychology of our brains is evidence that we need to feel like Somebodies. That there is more to being Nobody than loneliness. There is a darkness in isolation that likes to cage us tightly, but we never seem to find peace in it.

Buzzing sparks float around my head and are provoked to spring a fire from themselves so bright that it wows crowds just as fireworks do. Even though they used to sound like the static from a dead television, I feel powerful in my solace and that is how it should be. I cannot let the threat of Nobody consume me. I let Nobody walk with me. I let Nobody express itself through my voice. My body language. My style. I wear Nobody on my skin, twisting and turning with it in the mirror. And I look good. I still look like somebody.

I let the sulfur escape from my lungs. I look in the mirror one more time and nod to myself. Nobodies are Somebodies too, I suppose.   

By Gwen Peralta

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