The Sims 4 Review: Dine Out

After playing around with it for hours, I couldn't get enough of The Sims 4: Dine Out. Between trying to satisfy all of my customers and staying out of debt, I was not able to fully discover what this game pack has to offer.

The unbelievable amount of build and buy objects that came with the pack - retro-looking dining booths, fancy looking decor, rusty brick wallpaper, and wall art - can definitively spice up the look of your restaurant. Even if you’re not a big fan of running a restaurant or you weren’t intrigued by the past game packs like Open For Business in Sims 2, you can still have plenty of fun with the vast array of objects available.

The create-a-Sim aspect of this game pack is what I find to be lacking. Obviously, most of them are restaurant-related. I would really have liked to see more rugged looks, like a stained t-shirt or burnt pants, as a part of the restaurant experience.

The multiple restaurant types include diner, brunch, Italian, or truly anything you wish. You want to only sell root beer floats and pufferfish dishes? Go ahead, there’s nothing stopping you.

As you’re starting up, there is a limit into how many chefs and waiters you can hire. At first, even a table of three for the Goth family will freak you out. It could be due to the fact that they left Alexander at home, or because of the snobby look on Nancy Landgraab’s face, or even— Hey, is Bella Goth going to flirt with Geoffrey right here? Anyways, one solution to the employee problem is to bring your whole household to work with you. They can help out with greeting customers to make the long waiting time a little bit more bearable.

Personally, I think that Dine Out a good fit with the previous expansion pack, Get To Work. If you like seeing your Sims make their own money rather than just sending them to a rabbit hole for work all the time, these two packs are perfect for you. 

I really love that Dine Out is specifically tailored to the restaurant experience. And for only $14.99, Dine Out is exceptional due to how detailed oriented and focused it is as only a game pack.

Are you’re ready to dine out?

(Game Pack provided by Electronic Arts for review. All opinions are my own.)

By Wen Hsiao

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