What I've Become

I'm always trying to expand my portfolio and test out new techniques. It's a lot like working on a puzzle and finding all the edge pieces first; I would like to find the boundaries of what I can do and who I am and then work my way inward. 

There's a connection artists feel to their work. I am an artist because I make art. I am a creator because I create. But what is an artist if they aren't working on something? It feels like a heavy weight on your chest when you're a creator and you realize you aren't wrist deep in your medium, stirring your ideas together until something comes into being from your labor. I'm defined by all the intersections in my life. Labels help me feel organized and compartmentalized, and the labels I give myself let me know that I've made progress in figuring out who I am like the name of a chapter in a book that keeps on expanding. I'm defined by what I've been, who I am, and what I'll become. And those are all able to be shaped by my hands. Just as I create art pieces and test boundaries, I can form who I am with just as much effort.

By JanieWhateva

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