Isis Queen of the Barb Wire Dolls Talks Warped Tour and Empowerment

Those who say that punk is dead clearly have not seen Isis Queen in action. The blonde bombshell has made a name for herself in recent years as the lead singer of the Greek punk/thrash band Barb Wire Dolls, who are currently on their European tour and preparing for Warped Tour 2017. Despite her busy schedule, Queen was able to spend a few moments with Lithium while her and her fellow Dolls performed what was sure to be yet another heart-stopping performance in Germany.

Lithium: Tell us your name, your role in the band, and one interesting fact about you.
Isis Queen is my name and singing and kicking serious ass is my game.

Lithium: Explain the name Barb Wire Dolls.
Isis: [It's] inspired by the New York Dolls [an American hard rock band of the 1970’s].

Lithium: How is touring in the U.S. different from touring back home?
Isis: Europe and the U.S .are very different in [their] mentality of rock 'n roll. Europe bleeds it while America thinks it.

Lithium: How do you feel about joining a festival like Warped Tour this summer?
Isis: It's really exciting for us! We have played over 800 headlining shows across the world and now that we are with Motorhead Music thanks to Lemmy Kilmister, our sophomore album with the label will be released the day we hit the road with Warped.
Lithium: You told I'm Music Magazine that Warped Tour is where you will "reach the youth, inspire, and activate." What do you mean by that?
Isis: The youth are the next generation and there is nothing in this world [better to activate empowerment] than love and music. Our music is about self-empowerment and we will make an impression [on] an age group that we have not yet really played to.

Lithium: How important is female representation to you?
Isis: I believe in music and our own representation of it. Politics is secondary. I don't see myself [differently than] any other gender and there shouldn't be separation. I believe in unity. [In] unity, there's power. With power, there's change and with change, there's freedom. And with everything that is going on in the world, we need unity.

Lithium: This year's Warped Tour seems a little more female friendly with many more female-dominated acts. How does a feminist-inspired Warped Tour sound to you?
Isis: . . . Female power and breaking all misconceptions of women in rock is what we are all about, so we are excited and thrilled to share the stage with more women in music.

Lithium: There are plenty of haters all over the internet. How does the band deal with the critics?
Isis: Critics are there to keep the weak down and to strengthen the confident. You shouldn't truly care what anyone says about your music, whether [it] is negative or positive. Be who you wish to be and watch as your flame creates a bonfire!

Lithium: What are you trying to promote through your music?
Like I said before, the music is first and foremost. Our lyrics are written based on our own experiences and, being a band from Greece, we have a thing or two to say about the state of the world. We write what we know and right now, with America going through a lot of separation between political opinions, it's time for self-realization and self-empowerment. When you know who you really are, you can make a true decision [as to] what type of world you want to live in.

Lithium: What makes Barb Wire Dolls different?
We just are. We are the first rock/punk band from Greece to play the USA, so that makes our upbringing [very] different. Our influences are 70's punk, [a genre in which] being "punk" meant you were totally different from everyone else. Back then, you had to bring something new to the table or you were just a copycat. We're not like any other band, ever. But people have been conditioned to believe that "punk" means so many things that it's not. S,o we are definitely going to bring [a] different flavor to the festival. It's going to be exciting to shake things up!

Lithium: What is the future for Barb Wire Dolls?
Isis: In Crete, Greece, we have a saying: "I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free". . . and that's how we live each day.

Lithium: What can we expect from you guys at Warped Tour?
Raw f*cking power.

Lithium: Thank you for joining us! Do you have anything to say for our readers at Lithium?
Be an outsider. Think when others are just following the pack. Be strong in your ideas, but be open to change. This year’s Warped Tour is going to be punk as f*ck because there are bands on the bill that stand for something and because of that, their music will activate your emotions. So, here's to change! Make Riot Not War! See you in the pit! 

You can catch Barb Wire Dolls on Warped Tour all summer. Be sure to check out the band on their site, Facebook, and Instagram!

Interview by Cortney Pruden

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