Let Roots Grow (But Do Not Let Them Destroy You)

I have flowers growing
from my brain to my fingers
and down to my toes.
-it's still not enough for you.

I can not fathom
why you call me a bigot
while hate drips like spit.
-from your mouth, not mine.

Do you feel saintly?
You use a finger to point,
and blame gods, instead.
-take responsibility.

My eyes can not stand
the sight of you anymore.
I'd rather be blind.
-I foresee a life of disorient.

Brash girl, nasty girl
is what you yell at me now
that i walk away.
-once and for all.

I am still blooming
despite the wretched words you
spewed like a coward.

-I learned to close my lips and move on.

Text by Dharma Gilley
Visual by Keta Tugushi

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