Things to Do with Your Girl Gang

Where I live, spring is long gone. The air that was once perfumed by blooming flowers has become hot and humid. Summer vacation stretches out ahead, and each individual decides what the school break will bring. For some, this is the time to earn and save money; for others, it is the option to delve into a creative project. Though, for many of us, summer marks the beginning of girl gang freedom. Summer brings the chance to corral your best girls into a car for a trip to the nearest body of water or ice cream shop. It also marks the golden opportunity to utilize this awesome list of Things to Do with Your Girl Gang.

This, as a rule, needs to be done at least once each summer. Gather up your girl gang and drive to the nearest beach. It can be any type of beach you want-- ocean beach, lake beach, white sand, brown sand, it doesn’t matter. (But extra points if you don’t live near the ocean and make a trek outside of your hometown just to go to the coast!) Your packing list includes towels, a beach blanket, a beach ball, containers upon containers of snacks, water bottles,  and lots of sunscreen. Once you’re at your destination, you and your group can proceed to do whatever you want. Whether you dive into the cool waters or play a game of ball on the scorching sand, a beach day gives you and your girl gang the freedom to get out into nature and let loose.

This one isn’t as fancy as it sounds, but it’s something that I do with my very own girl gang quite regularly. The first step is to pick a category of food (I have done donuts, ice cream, and cheese fries). The next step is to research all the restaurants in your general area that sell this type of food. The third step is to pile your friends in a car, drive to each restaurant, and taste off of their menu whatever category of food you chose. When I do this with my friends, we usually only purchase one food item at each restaurant to save money (so four girls end up sharing one donut at six different restaurants). This is the perfect opportunity to let out your inner Gordon Ramsay and become a connoisseur of the food of your choice.

No one in your girl gang has to be a professional videographer for this to be a success. Whip out a cell phone or your mom’s ancient camera and get filming. Film anything and EVERYTHING. Come up with a storyline and act it out in your backyard. Go downtown and chronicle your afternoon. Make a compilation of every dog you see in your neighborhood. Make sure to edit these videos to the nines. Getting your group focused on one single project offers opportunities for amazing bonding time (not that you aren’t as close as sisters already, of course!).

You’ve most likely heard of clothing swaps, and maybe you’ve even participated in one. If your girl gang is as close as can be, however, then I think a bit more swapping is in order. Pick a day to for your girls to come together so you can get your swap on. Bring clothes you don’t wear anymore, books you’ve read a million times over, and perfumes you think your friends might like, and proceed to trade these items with them. If you and your friends are filled to the brim with creativity, you can even decide to make little pieces of art beforehand and trade those too! Swapping doesn’t have to stop at just clothing.


This idea can be as fancy as you want to make it and can be taken in many ways. You and your friends can get dressed up and go out for a night on the town, dancing in low-lit clubs (if you’re old enough!) and twirling around lampposts. Going dancing can also be as simple as having your best girls over for a dance party in your room, playing oldies on a record player and using each other as practice dance partners. Dancing can be whatever you make it, but it’s the most fun when done with your tried-and-true girl gang.

By Kate Hunker

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