Veganism: Choose Empathy

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A vegan is someone who does not eat or use animal products. No, we don’t eat fish. No, we don’t “eat around the meat.” And NO, we aren’t constantly stranded on an island all the time! But what we DO condone is empathy. Love. Compassion. Taking care of the earth, our bodies, and of course, the animals.

Don’t get me wrong -- I never wanted to give up my delicious, addicting animal-based foods. If you told me a year ago that soon my ice cream, grilled cheeses, and chicken would be removed from my diet, I would probably laugh in your face and tell you I needed my calcium and protein. But that Maya was oblivious to the darkest and most detrimental problem of our entire globe: animal agriculture. I learned about the unimaginable and unforgivable acts committed against my innocent friends: the heart and blood problems bestowed to my family, and the irreversible damage conflicted to the only planet we call home.

Heart diseases, heart attacks, strokes, most cancers (prostate, colon, breast, pancreatic, and ovarian), kidney disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, high blood pressure, and asthma all have four main causes: cholesterol, saturated fat, trans fatty acids, and animal protein. Besides the real life examples we see of this every day, basic biology proves all of this. Our physiology affirms that we are nothing more and nothing less than happy herbivores. The most obvious fact is that we do not possess sharp claws, nor do our jaws motion up and down when chewing. We sweat through our pores, rather than panting through our mouths. Our teeth are flattened with blunt canines, the polar opposite of a true omnivore or carnivore. And most importantly, meat clogs our arteries, which is never true for a true carnivore. Hence, when man is too ignorant to change his ways, he must prepare his meats with laborious cooking or frying methods. If not, E. Coli bacteria, salmonella, campylobacter, trichina worms, or other pathogens will materialize in his body, which never occurs in a carnivorous system. Another blatant observation is that true meat eaters do not have to cook their meats, they eat it raw -- the way nature intended them to.

By now, vegetarians are probably thanking God -- but they’re not off the hook that easily. Dairy and eggs are the true culprits here. Before I hit you with straight facts again, I must destroy your image of a happy dairy cow leisurely grazing the grass plains, for that is far from the truth. If I were to describe a mother being forcefully impregnated, having her baby pulled out with metal pliers just to be taken away, and milked without sanitary regulations, you would probably quiver in terror. And that’s exactly what happens to female cows in the malicious dairy industry that is overflowing with power and manipulation. I don’t know who decided they needed to drink the breast milk of another species, but for some reasons, we decided to maintain that irregular and barbaric tradition.

The point of this essay is not to disturb you (entirely), but to enlighten you. No vegan with good intentions purposely tries to guilt trip you all day. All we want is for you to stop turning a blind eye to the cruelty and horror our planet and the animals face every day. Deforestation, ocean depletion, world hunger, global warming, and species extinction are NOT worth a cheeseburger. Please learn more and choose EMPATHY!

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By Maya McCrary

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  1. Very informative and poignant I'm definitely going to do my best to live a more empathetic lifestyle