School Spirit

Photos by Sawyer Dixon
Modeled by Kaitlin Gaspar

Returning Home

By Ruby McVicar


Photos by Gabby Agustin
Modeled by Ticia Almazan


Photos by Sabrina Fattal
Modeled by Brooks Sullivan and Jewell Frey


By Gina Kim


By Kathryn Zix

July Favorites

Hey, Lithium readers! The month of July is filled with plenty of great things: barbecues, fireworks, and summer makeup, to name a few! This month, I have accumulated some great new makeup finds. I can’t wait to share them with Lithium!

Aurora Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills ($40)
I was so happy to find out that the Aurora Glow Kit was finally released in Sephora! I got my hands on this palette as soon as I could, and I am so happy with it! The quality of the shades in this palette is as amazing as that of the other Glow Kits. They’re buttery, pigmented, and blend out like a dream. The colors of these can easily elevate any makeup look.

Velour Lashes in “Fluff” and “Whispie” ($26)
I love my drugstore lashes so much, but sometimes I splurge on a nice pair that I can use for weeks on end. These lashes from Velour are perfect! They’re full and dramatic, but also very wearable. If you’re looking for a good pair of lashes, these are definitely ones to try!

Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($36)

Ever since I started using this primer, I haven’t been able to stop! Foundation applies seamlessly over this primer, and it looks beautiful. This product doesn’t irritate my skin or make it oily. A good primer is one of the most important parts of makeup, and this one is perfect!

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt ($53)

I’m not a big user of “fancy hair care.” My hair’s difficult, so I usually stick with the products that I know work well. My scalp has always been an issue for me, though, due to its flakiness. This product efficiently eliminates flakiness and really nourishes my scalp. It’s a pricey product, but it’s worth it.

Text by Bridget Fitzpatrick
Visual by Kathryn Zix

Translated from Thoughts

In a universe where the sky is always pink and the trees are nice to look at

I looked at the stars, and I asked for them to take my bad dreams away

Don't give me flowers. Just let them be and I'll just watch them dance to the breeze.

By Julia Tabor

Baby Bloom

This series, shot in 35mm color film, revolves around the different sides of femininity; I aim to address both the gentle and whimsical qualities of the female and also the fearless and independent ones that surpass any stereotypes that women are often boxed into. 

The photos show Zoe in elegant dresses, around flowers and a "feminine" color palette, exuding strength, independence, and power. The other part of the shoot shows her in a playground; she revisits her childhood roots without any sense of fragility. Instead, she is carefree and completely in touch with herself. 

Photos by Zayira Ray
Modeled by Zoe Ko

Lauren Tepfer: Growing UP

You may know Lauren Tepfer for her stunning photography, her directorial work on the music video of “Ghosts in the Backseat,” or even for her contributions on countless teen publications, from Rookie to Adolescent Content. This fall, Lauren will be attending Parsons, The School of Design, where many before her have started their rise to success. What makes Lauren different in the creative scene is just how much of a star she is at a mere seventeen years old. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk to Lauren regarding her journey, the creative process, and growing up. 

Lithium: I know that you were accepted to The New School, Parsons School of Design recently-- congratulations! What made Parsons your dream school?
Lauren: Thank you so much! I was very much drawn to the atmosphere of the school. I love their first-year curriculum and their photo program. I also really love New York and couldn’t imagine living anywhere post-high school!

Lithium: What's the most exciting aspect of going away for school? What are you the most afraid of?
Lauren: I am most excited to learn. As obvious as that is, I am so ready to collaborate with other artists and learn more about the technical aspects of photography. I have never really had any formal training in the work that I am doing and I can’t wait to finally have direction in what I am doing!

Lithium: The New School has one of the best art programs in the country. What are you anticipating most?
Lauren: I’m really excited to be surrounded by really talented, accomplished artists. It’s going to be incredible having these people around me constantly inspiring me. 

Lithium: Brag a little! We're super proud of your accomplishments! What do you think made Parsons decide that you're the one for them?
Lauren: I hate talking about myself but I guess that’s what interviews are for! I think I was a good candidate for the Parsons BFA photo program because of my resume and my vision. I am very driven and really know what I want. I also have a really distinct artistic voice!

Lithium: What part of your portfolio are you most proud of? 
Lauren: My self-portraits. I am never, ever in front of the camera, and taking self-portraits (that I actually was proud of) was a moment of liberation and pride for me. Self-portraits are also really hard to take and require a lot of manual work during the shooting process [and it's] fun to look back and be like, “Wow, I did that!”

Lithium: Tell me a little about yourself. What kind of person are you?
Lauren: I am very honest, genuine, and intuitive! I also am very creative (haha) and a really big observer. I love reading, writing, singing, directing, and shooting. 

Lithium: Where do you feel most inspired?
Lauren: I feel most inspired when I’m by myself in my hometown. The atmosphere is so haunting (in the best way) and I always make the best work when I’m home and alone.

Lithium: If you could go back in time and capture any moment, what would it be?
Lauren: This is a hard question! I would love to go back in time and shoot with Prince. It’s not really a specific time or moment, but I love Prince and his music so much. I think it would be so cool to collaborate with him on something. 

Lithium: Metaphorically speaking, what do you think symbolizes you the most?Lauren: Wow, this is tough! I think the concepts of suburbia and home symbolize me best. A lot of my work has been defined by my suburban roots and that’s all my fault. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way things have worked out so far. I’m very connected to my adolescence and where I’ve grown up. I actually just got a little house tattoo on my ankle to immortalize my suburban influences! 

Lithium: What's a message you would want to spread to everyone?
Lauren: I think a message I would want to spread to everyone is that it’s okay to be different. I literally just groaned as I typed that response, but I really mean it. As cliche and dumb as it sounds, I really hope that young people know how special it is to have a passion and to be interested in something that is not what the mold wants you to be. It’s so important to stay true to who you are and be yourself, in any circumstance. That is what reaches people the most: honesty. 

Interview by Wen Hsiao


the leaves in the bottom of my teacup
give no indication as to what i should answer when i am asked
"where do you see yourself in five years?"
the leaves are about as useful as my eyes without glasses.
they’re in random shapes, nothing that matches the book--
nothing is how it should be.
like my old camera from the flea market with a broken focus,
it’s right there in front of me.
but no matter how much i adjust the lens,

By Isha Chirimar


By Kennedy Alise

Standardized Testing Has Put Me in a Daze

it's 11:55 pm on the last day of june. 

i'm here looking at college admission requirements

1410. 32. 1390. 30. 

over and over and over. 

statistics fill up my head 

until its the only thing there 

it's 11:55 pm. 

By Daisy Acosta