The In-Between Days: a Playlist for Those Days When You’re Lost in Your Head

Summer is finally upon us; with these longer days comes more personal time for self-reflection. I always find myself disassociating from the present more than usual and looking backward and ahead at personal experiences and dreams. For me, this season always makes me feel more independent, sparking personal growth. I wanted to make a playlist of songs that set the perfect backdrop to a mindset of imagining, daydreaming, and reminiscing. This playlist emanates glowing vibes through songs with upbeat tempos and seasonal images, as well as songs with more relaxed tempos that croon lyrics about the bitterness of moving on from the past.

"The Start of Something" - Voxtrot
"Gone" - Day Wave
"Simple Season" - Hippo Campus
"Come True" - Suburban Living
"Vampire Banquet" - Fox Academy
"Daydream" - Beach Fossils
"Broken" - lovelytheband
"In Between Days" - The Cure
"Lazuli" - Beach House
"Polly" - Whitney

By Samantha Schraub

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