Another Pretty Face

it was the day you departed
and the skies opened up for a second
as you made your way away from my embrace
I felt the ground shake
and my tears morphed into an ocean that stretched endlessly to the depths of Earth to engulf you in my memory
because if not,
then my memory would soon fade away from your head
and join the mental collage of past lovers you had before me,
and the ones that will come after
But no
I don't want to be apart of your messed up masterpiece of smiles
and quirks
and freckles and messy hair and toothpaste grins at 7:32 in the morning when you wake up and find me standing in front of your bathroom mirror
probably singing some James Taylor tune
I don't want to be seen as just another lover
deranged and obsessed with your mystery
crazed and drunken from your persona
another one of the tens of women who will remain personality-less
who will be characterized only by name
who will never stick out in your mind
let the silhouette of my body in the haze of your secondhand smoke
haunt your mind at night when you wonder why something is missing from your life
imagine me hanging out the passenger side window of your fast car
as we speed down I-85 on a spring day
dream of me playing with my necklace
biting my lip
remember that I wasn't just a pretty face
remember that I had substance
remember that I would always dance around the subject of my grades
because I hated letting you know that I was exceeding in all of my classes
remember that I was different from the rest
because unlike the rest
I will not be your fly in your tangled up
never ending
never satisfying


By Brooks Sullivan

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