Editor's Letter: The Peak

It’s August 27th and summer has never felt so elusive. It feels like I’m reaching out for some nonexistent answer, a reason as to why the time in between school years must be so frequently bookended by dread and some sense of hopelessness. There’s the sultry heat of finals, blistering in anxiety and the feeling of inferiority. With September’s arrival, my distaste for new beginnings and early mornings reappears like clockwork. But between those two placeholders-- in the midst of lax afternoons and sleepy mornings-- there is peace.

In the last 68 days, I have experienced the best summer of my life. I spent a month studying dramatic writing at NYU, worked two jobs that I love with all of my heart, and began a thrillingly innovative collaboration between Lithium and Adolescent Content. I spent time with people that matter to me and genuinely make me happy. I also spent more time with myself. I learned how to manifest joy but more importantly, how to live it. I mean it when I tell you I’ve never been this happy. Therefore, “The Peak” is entirely authentic to me. When I was editing and uploading submissions for this month, it felt like I was learning. I gained insight into our team members’ peaks: their euphoria, how they deal with feelings, and what it means to overcome something. It all feels so real and authentic and it is. We, as young adults and teenagers, experience peaks on minuscule and monumental levels. It is the simple victory of getting out of bed each morning and it is the complex feeling of permitting yourself to feel happiness in its entirety. There’s vulnerability in that. When you feel euphoric, there’s the tantalizing realization that things will not always be so good or so easy. But this month’s issue is wholly fearless. I hope that as you scroll through each piece, you find yourself recognizing the gritty difficulty that so often accompanies contentment. Happiness isn’t easy. But it is liberating.

Lots of love,
Olivia Ferrucci


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