it’s been too long you see
since heavy hearts gained speed
since adrenaline met the breeze
since you kissed me

over a year and i'm still
only at the peak
where we sat and didn’t speak
and our hearts would beat, beat, beat

and please don’t forget me
when i fall all again
when my heart does amend
when my heart doesn’t bend

i love you, i love you
don’t you dare let me fall
for the air is too thick
with no words at all

and our hearts will beat, beat, beat

By Ryan Vortisch


  1. that poem!!! yes!!! so sweet but i feel the hurt/longing. love it. hope i didn't analyze wrong haha

  2. Gorgeous, emotional, and stirring. So good!!! Love it love it love it.

  3. This is so simple yet so captivating, I love it.