Obama’s DACA Program Is New Target for Trump Administration

With Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program enacted in 2012, an accumulative total of 1,451,195 immigrant applicants-- both initial and renewed --would benefit from a two-year deferral of their illegal status protecting them from deportation, and the opportunity to obtain working visas within the time gap. The stipulation, though, is that the factor of eligibility is not merely the illegal immigration status but being an illegal immigrant who traveled to America as a child, presumably with no other choice. 
On September 5th, however, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the program was officially being rescinded effective March 5th, 2018, leaving recipients whose permits expire before then with one month to apply for new ones before absolutely no applications are accepted.

Granted with the window between now and the effective date, Congress does have the opportunity to reinstitute DACA by putting it through the complete legal process of passing an act or law, unlike the way Obama expedited it in 2012 (of which Sessions attributed a catalyst to the rescission of the law, calling it a “unilateral executive amnesty.”) Until then, new initial applicants will not be considered. 

The action has caused immense bifurcation between the major American political parties. Obama has made a statement, calling DACA an expression of “basic decency,” and Trump has made his, assuring the Dreamers (DACA immigrants) through Twitter that there is “nothing to worry about” between now and the effective date. 

The easiest way to contact your local officials about the DACA repeal is by texting the word “RESIST” to the number 504-09, where you’ll be guided through a simple string of instructions that allow you to leave a message for your state’s Congress. 

By Angelica Crisostomo

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