5 Gals Who Have a Unique Style

Daisy is a wonderful filmmaker and YouTuber with the style to match. I look at Daisy’s outfits in awe, because they're so beautiful and true to her. A lot of her clothes are thrifted, too. If you are not subscribed to Daisy’s YouTube channel, I highly recommend doing so! Everything she uploads is a joy, from her thrift hauls to her short films. Her Instagram is also visually appealing!

I am not exaggerating when I say this: HER STYLE IS SO UNDERAPPRECIATED! I have been listening to her music for over three years, and I have always been obsessed with her wardrobe. If you watch any of Charli's music videos, you know she's always sporting elaborate looks.

Billie Eilish, an up-and-coming artist, is almost the same age as me and is so talented. Not only is she gifted, but her style is so unique. Don't get me started on her puffer jackets! There's no doubt that Billie is on her way to becoming an icon.

You may know Quen for her hilarious Vines or even her motivating Twitter videos. Her style is both cute and affordable. And what a model! Quenlin adds to her amazing style with poses that are perfection. Her style may be somewhat simplistic, but I'm just so attracted to it. She's so confident in what she wears, which is a crucial part of style.

Paloma is the perfect combination of trendy and genuine in her style. She's another YouTuber, and she posts beauty and fashion videos. Paloma styles her clothes in a very individualized manner.

By Zara K.

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