She's a Brainiac

I am starting a new project called "she's a brainiac" in which I highlight strong, intelligent women of the past and present. 

Today's brainiac is Hedy Lamarr. Not only was she a gorgeous film actress in the '40's, but she was also a brilliant inventor. Her development of a "frequency hopper" radio device greatly influenced today's WiFi and GPS. At only 26, working with composer George Antheil, Lamarr created a radio-controlled torpedo that avoided enemy detection and jamming, an invention she hoped would help defeat the Nazis. Although the Navy rejected their plan, the Patent Office issued two patents (the Antheil-Lamarr "secret communication system"). The Navy acquired these patents yet did nothing until they expired in 1960, and the invention then became the basis for the technology used to develop WiFi and GPS.

In a time shrouded by the notion that men were more intelligent than women, Hedy Lamarr challenged traditional norms abut a woman's "place" in society. 

I created this short video using a digital illustration of Hedy Lamarr that I drew combined with digital collage and audio from her movie, Strange Woman.

By Parker Halliday

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