The Importance of BROCKHAMPTON in the Music Industry

BROCKHAMPTON is a new type of group. They are an unconventional, self-proclaimed boy band. BROCKHAMPTON is comprised of a diverse group of about fifteen men. The group is led by Kevin Abstract, who created the group in hopes of creating almost a media haven that permits people to create freely. BROCKHAMPTON allows all of its members to flow freely in a space in which they can be who they truly are. One of the aspects that makes BROCKHAMPTON stand out is that the group openly makes music about societal issues, including rape culture, prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community, and racism. “JUNKY” is one of their most powerful works: Kevin Abstract speaks out about being a gay man in the rap scene, and member Matt Champion raps about women and rape culture. The line from this song that resonated with me the most was, “Why you always rap about bein' gay? 'Cause not enough n****s rap and be gay.” This line is extremely important, since the hip-hop community has an enormous lack of respect towards the LGBTQ+ community. 

BROCKHAMPTON is important in today’s culture because they are breaking stereotypes in not only the rap game, but music in general.  Although a lot of the songs have a strong message, they are still very catchy. BROCKHAMPTON is currently releasing a trilogy of albums called Saturation. Saturation and Saturation II have both been released, and Saturation III is in the works. The group is also working on turning the trilogy into a full-length movie.

By Bridget Fitzpatrick

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