Time Capsule

I attend a boarding school whose Great Big Idea is simply: “We sacrificed a lot to make two or three years of your life better, so give the state your work and life in return.

I’ve lived here for four and one-eighth terms, or one and one-third years. I hold a position in the GSA and thoutreach/volunteer/tour-giving committee of Super Students Dedicated to the School’s Image. I’ve seen five teachers leave, along with one graduating class and handfuls of non-graduating students. I’ve lived in one hall, in one dormitory, in two rooms with two different people in my time here, and I’m incredibly lucky to remain here for msecond year.

The biggest thing I noticed when I began my second year here was how the entire campus was just a huge time capsuleI can pass by that bench on which I cried into my senior friend’s arms daily, and I can pass by my old room tens of times a dayAlso meaning, I never can forget that senior or that breakdown, and I can never forget the little cave I built under my bed.

The second thing I noticed was that time dilates so much with no reason or patternThe mornings drag on for eternity, except for the hour after wake up. I get dressed in five minutes, the clock has jumpetwenty five. I eat breakfast in ten, the clock finishes in forty. But, class begins and time slows. This isn’t meant to be a cliche or such, but time seems to only care when it’s not yours to use. When my attention is devoted to others, time is at their will.

Nights in the dorms zip by. I can idle around in a room with friends and talk about nothing, but by the time I get the courage to ask the cute Berlin Wall boy to cuddle, it’s already time to return to our own rooms.

The third thing I noticed was that I’ve changed and continue to change immensely over timeThe time capsule of a campus paired with the altered fabric of time creates both a perfect liminal space and a constant state of comparison of before to after.

My shelves and drawers contain books and clothes of the past, my files and documents written by outdated hands and contain ancient motives and ideas; of course, by this time next year, this article will be ancient and outdated as well, but preserved nonetheless.

By Michael Jones

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