2018: Lithium, We’ve Made it This Far

Teresa Woodcock

“This year was torture. I struggle with depression and dysphoria related to me being trans; so every day I get the ball rolling, getting something positive going and trying to keep the momentum. I met the man of my dreams at the beginning of this year and [it's nice to be] able to lean on each other, comforting one another when one of us needs to let go and be vulnerable. This year has been one of the worst for us, but it takes the edge off having someone to focus our positive energy on. Our first anniversary is next month, and I'm so happy we made it through all this."

"As far as resolutions for 2018, I'd like to travel somewhere cold and woodsy and see somewhere that isn't in the Southern U.S.”

- Janie E.
Lithium Artist

“My friend from Japan had convinced me to open up about the worst thing that happened to me 2 months ago, which was clearly destroying me as I only kept it to myself. They would stay up late with me during panic attacks, listen to me cry and whine like a child--all via Skype. I don't know how to describe it, but this is like the epitome of most of my friendships, geographically. It's easy to assume that the brightest moment in my 2017 [had] to do with my romantic encounters, but looking back, I actually believe that it's with my platonic relationships.”

“I thought I already knew what self-love was until I realized that I [was still] putting myself in situations I didn't deserve. So my goal for 2018 is to put my knowledge of self-love into action. Also, [I want to] save lots of money.”

-Sam F.
Lithium Writer

“A moment that has left a positive impact on me this year is spending my summer in New York. I was able to get away and act as my true self without being afraid of how others would think of me. Since I’ve always lived in the same place, I always have felt the pressure to act the same as I’ve always been and not really be able to show how I've changed as an individual and the things I’ve discovered about myself. It was a really nice experience for me to be completely honest with others and myself for once.”

“[My] resolution for 2018 is to not hold back my true self when I go off to college. I want to be more confident and not have to feel validated for being who I am.”

- Alana J.
Lithium Writer

“A major highlight of this year for me was going to Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco this past August. I wasn't planning on going, but one of my close friends won some tickets by chance and offered me one, so we ended up being there for all three days. I saw a lot of my favorite musicians and discovered a few great new ones as well.”

“Some resolutions I have for next year are to create more, get more in touch with myself, and stay studying strong through the rest of the school year.”

- Arya N.
Lithium Music Writer

“The brightest moment I experienced happened a few days ago. My dad and I have never had a super close relationship. He is one of the hardest workers I know (besides my mom), and we've never had one of those 'let's-go-throw-a-ball-out-back' father-daughter relationships like you see in the movies.

About a month ago, my father screamed out from our basement that he was dying. I will never forget how loud he screamed or how I rushed downstairs to find him sprawled on the basement stairs. I couldn't tell what [had] happened. There was no blood, and he wasn't unconscious. My dad had open heart surgery a few years agoI won't go into details, but he was put on over ten medications, one being Coumadin (a blood thinner). At this point, I was scared of two things: my dad either hurt himself and was going to bleed out on account that the blood thinners wouldn't allow his blood to clot up, or my dad was having a heart attack in front of my 16-year-old eyes. After a few minutes, he calmed down. He had no idea what happened; he just remembered fainting and screaming for help. We wrote it off as him fainting because he didn't eat all day. Then, a week ago, it happened againthis time at work. He was taken to the hospital shortly after, but everything the doctors checked out was fine. They couldn't find anything wrong with him. He returned back to work that day (again, he's a hard worker). 

Upon research, we found out that my 57-year-old dad had experienced his first panic attack. I don't think we are often reminded that it isn't just teens who suffer from mental illness; adults do as well. It's a scary thought to think that my dad might have been suffering in silence [from] his mental illness, but now that it's in the open, we will do whatever we can to get him help. The bright moment that arose from this experience came when my dad asked me if I wanted to go grocery shopping with him. I hate grocery shopping
it gives me so much anxiety to think that there's a possibility of running into locals. I haven't gone grocery shopping with my dad since I was 7, but that day, I went. It's a simple moment, but I love my dad so much, and a month ago I didn't think I would've enjoyed a moment like this with him again.”

“My 2018 resolution is to educate myself more on issues that surround the people in the world. I feel like being raised in a two-parent house and being a straight white female has sheltered me a lot. I want to use my platform to do as much as I can for people who don't have the same opportunities”

- Brooks S.
Lithium Writer

“2017 was definitely a hard year for me too.  For me, it was moving to a new town.  I was going to school in a town I hated, and I transferred to an amazing school in a city I love. I've met so many people who love art like I do, and I've been involved in more galleries and events then ever before.“

“It's just finally finding my people that really made me love 2017.  My goal for the new year is to continue loving myself and working on my art. I want to be a better friend and person than I was this year. “

- Allison B.
Lithium Photographer

“Back in October, my best friend Amelia and I went to see The Districts at a little venue in Ithaca, where we go to college. The whole show was fantastic. I got totally caught up in the moment getting knocked around in the pit to the song “Young Blood.” I didn't have a care in the world, and I was totally lost in the music.”

“In the next year, I am resolving to put myself first and to find time to take care of myself and my body. It is so easy to get caught up in work and other people that I often put myself last, and I want to get better at speaking up for what I need.”

- Carly H.
Lithium Photographer

“What made this year a little brighter was the fact that I was able to be myself; I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to leave the comfort of my own home and study abroad, which definitely [gave me] a lot of new experiences, both good and bad. During this time, I managed to find myself through exploring the city (going to museums, attending local events, food hunting, etc.). Additionally, I felt more free and aliveone of the biggest highlights was attending my first concerts. The adrenaline I felt as the music blasted was on a different level!”

“My New Year's resolutions are to take better care of my skin, eat healthier (and exercise more!), work on my passion for photography, and to not procrastinate and stress out too much.”

- Syahirah H.
Lithium Photographer 

“My brightest moment from 2017 has to be summer. I really was able to vibe with my digital camera and start to know how I wanted my work to look [and] what I wanted to create. I learned more, and I expanded my views as an artist. Photography really changed the way I look at life itself.”

“My New Year's resolution is to keep doing what I’m doing but to get even better at it. Also to not fall into my own traps. My mind can be my biggest motivator as well as my biggest enemy.”
- Somiah Nettles

Lithium Photographer

“My wish for 2018: to become less complacent! This past year, I moved to a new country and, having missed my home and family far too much, moved back. I then realized how much I had that I had previously taken for granted. I’ve learned that the world doesn’t owe me anything, that every good opportunity or gift is something to be appreciated and not expected! And this, I believe, is the core of gratitude: once I began to look for what was good and constantly reminded myself of these good things, life felt a little lighter. So, in 2018, I’m making a promise with myself to remember: good things are everywhere, dancing right under my nose, just waiting to be noticed.”

- Teresa W.
Lithium Graphic Designer

“This year [was] probably one of the worst years of my entire life. Not to exaggerate, but there were so many moments [in which] I felt like I couldn’t be here anymore or that I was truly alone in my head with this all. My mental illness was the worst it’s ever been, and my physical health really took a beating. Most days, I couldn’t and wouldn’t get out of bed. I also lost a few people I considered my 'true' friends, which also really brought me down. Through this all, the brightest moment for me was the amazing new people that came into my life. Through my love and admiration for music and art, I was able to meet so many amazing people this year. These friends I met are truly amazing and never ever gave up on me. Along with the friends that came into my life this year, the friends I’ve known for years now also really showed me what it’s like to have hope in times when it seems impossible.”

“For the year of 2018, my goal is to stop letting my thoughts and health control me. I would also like to become a healthier person by only being in situations I can handle. I also really want to become confident in myself and love myself: love the way I look, talk, feel, and am as a person. My biggest goal is to graduate and walk across the stage in June. That moment will show me it’s been a long road, but I never gave up.”

- Jada M.

Lithium Music Writer 

By Jada Moore


  1. Loved hearing all the different perspectives, hope 2018 is kind to us all!!