Fleeting / Transient

These collages serve as a reflection of my childhood. A lot of my current work has been greatly influenced by my grandparents, specifically my grandfather who has fallen very ill with Alzheimer's and dementia. Seeing his decline over the last couple of years has deeply affected me and how I think about memory and my art. 

Individuals suffering from these kinds of diseases often lose the ability to form coherent sentences, making any kind of communication difficult. I've grown very fascinated with what happens to our memories when situations like this occur and where exactly they go in our subconcious—if anywhere at all. I am also very interested in how our instincts as children frame our character and personality as adults. The collages I've made show photos of myself in different stages of my childhood, with the words "transient" and "fleeting." I've selected these words to represent what has happened to my memories during these times. I suffered multiple traumas and lived in unhealthy environments throughout my childhood, and these have framed everything about me today. I've also used a litho print of mine in the background, a film photo I took of my grandfather taking a puff of my grandma's cigarrette—something he would've never done before his disease progressed. This picture was transferred through the lithography progress onto a large stone slab, then chemically etched and printed with ink onto paper. 

Growing up in an unhealthy environment and being someone who suffers from PTSD, my past is something that, up until recently, I haven't really wanted to think much about. I utilize insects and their wings a lot in my pieces, and I think in reference to my work on memory specifically, they represent how beautiful, delicate and fragile those moments are. A lot of my work also stems heavily from process. I shoot a lot of film, specifically medium and large format. I think my work is super important for me to be making right now. Accepting childhood traumas for the first time in my life this year has really pushed me to create more honest and healing art, and for that I am thankful. Creating art that so directly relates to my family has also urged me to spend much more time with my grandma, which I cherish greatly.

By Sarah Fritz


  1. These are beatiful. The combination of materials you used and the very nostalgic feel is very on point to me and gives me so much inspiration. Fantastic work!

  2. this is one of the coolest pieces i've ever seen. your artist statement is so interesting and admirable, the collages are so dope, and your use of mediums were so incredibly unique. in love with this!

  3. Such an amazing piece. Not only is it incredibly visually pleasing, but it's also so well thought out! It was so cool reading about the different meanings and the creative process behind various parts the collage.