Friends Like Home.

Throughout my late childhood and early teenage years, I’ve had a set of people throw their business at me in the name of friendship. It took me years to figure out that not all friends are actually friends. This has resulted in me growing up isolated, forced to believe that as much as friends being “close” is the holy grail of the entire relationship, that doesn’t really mean anything beyond getting your use out of another person. The realization has resulted in me being really picky with the people who I want to be surrounded with and can be my potential best friends.
Time flies, and it so happened that I was stepping into my high school with big dreams, high hopes, and a truckload of nervousness about the kind of people I’d make friends with since they would pretty much be shaping the kind of person I was to become. 

It hardly even took a week’s time for me to feel nothing but awe of and disbelief in my stroke of luck which landed me next to the five absolutely brilliant girls. We had clicked. We knew that as soon as we realized we were attending our classes for the sake of spending more time with each other.

As more days passed, it became evident that what we shared was pure love and respect for each other. Even with all our ups and downs, we somehow still ended up bouncing back towards each other. With no similar DNA strands flowing in our veins, they were still my sisters.

All it took was a simple embrace for each of us to be constantly reminded of being loved, uplifted, and accepted. With them, I learned that comfort doesn’t only have to be found within the four walls that I grew up in or the arms of the people who raised me.

Saying “we can talk about anything” encompasses the most important highlights and the most insignificant details. In effect, there's no ignoring the fact that since my friends are so much like family, they drive me crazy. The closer the bond, the greater the risk of getting hurt. There have been equal times of disappointments and letting each other down. My friends add joy, richness, and equal amounts of aggravation to my life which any literal family would provide.

Even though high school has come to an end for us, our friendship is going strong, our group chats are lit, and are meetups are always in the works.

By Arwa Halai

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