Hello, Again.

I was gone for a while during this year of submissions. I wanted to give a review of how my year has been. 

At the beginning of 2017, I went to Atlanta for the annual Junior Theater Festival, an event that showcases theater groups from all around the world. I started playing softball once again after years of debate as to if I’d ever like it or not. The month of May came, as did the few weeks I spent in the hospital. School let out, and I had a whole summer of non-stressful days. I went to Mexico and the week after coming back, I was hired by Target. My August was mostly spent working at the store, and I enjoyed it. In September, school began again and I quit Target to focus on my school work. In October, my school had its homecoming dance and I visited New York twice. The first time was to meet my internet friend that lived in Brooklyn, and the second time was to see Fall Out Boy live on their Mania tour with friends. Most of November was uneventful, except for my grandmother going into the hospital right after Thanksgiving. She ended up being okay, and my family visited her for Christmas as well. 

This year was not the greatest year, but it also was not the worst. I was glad to be surrounding by loving and supporting family and friends. I was also glad to be able to be a part of a team as magnificent as Lithium and to be able to read and appreciate all the amazing work that the other contributors do for this magazine. Happy holidays to Lithium and its viewers. 

By Elijah Collins

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