I Carry Home Inside of Me

I've always lived in two homes with divorced parents. This year, I added a third home to my life when I moved across the country to go to college in upstate New York. I believe that home doesn't have to be a physical place, but it can be the people you're with, a moment in time, or yourself. Four walls don't make a home, what happens inside it does. 

In this photo series, I've included images of both my parents' homes as well as my college dorm room. In the shot of the outside of my house, you can just see my mom in the kitchen. The photo of my dog highlights how beautiful the sun is in my dad's house. And the shot of the outside of my dorm was the night of the first big snow on campus, when everyone was running around outside and it really felt like home. 

No matter where I go, I carry home inside me. 

By Carly Hough